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Prophecies of the Narrative


In this campaign session, the players continue the adventures of the previous campaign, where their party was killed by cultists of Hastur. The players set off a deterrent in a temple, causing a rip in space-time. Jim, a necromancer, recruits a new group of adventurers to stop the threat of Hastur. The adventurers meet Stoonvul, the sole survivor of the previous party, and agree to help him remove a curse. They embark on a journey to the Mungwai Expanse, encountering challenges along the way.

Journey to the Northlands

The players travel by boat to the Mungwai Expanse, crossing the Great Plains and defeating giant ants. They retrieve an artifact and return to Targalin. They part ways with Stoonvul and decide to visit the Northlands. They board an airship to escort a powerful druid to a floating citadel. On the way, they battle ghostly pirates and arrive safely at the citadel. They continue their journey to the mountain city of Bork, exploring the markets before venturing into the cursed Darkmoon Forest. They encounter a necromancer at a logging site and defeat him. They are pursued by an unknown entity and find themselves in the Asylum, a place influenced by Cthulhu. They meet refugees and fight enemies before following a trail to a bridge in an alternate plane. They cross the bridge and enter the world of the Djinn.

The Djinn Palace and Vampire Queen

The players are taken prisoner by a magical hotel and forced to fight the Demon. They are then led to the palace of the Djinn King, who directs them to visit the Vampire Queen. They take an elevator back to the Prime Material Plane and arrive outside the village of Sylvania. They follow the path to Crow City and the Jorgen Vault, where they meet the Vampire Queen. They then proceed to infiltrate the mansion of an evil trade baron known as the Night, who is infected by the Slaad Parasite. They defeat him and discover they are also infected. They receive a message from Jim, instructing them to find the Modrons for a cure.

Modron Facility and War with Modrons

The players travel through a portal in Karstark Manor's food pantry and enter an alternate plane. They find an abandoned Modron facility and explore it, setting off security systems. They meet Jim, who gives them the Prophecies of the Narrative. They use the prophecies to transport themselves to the Modron homeworld and learn they have already been cured. They discover more slad spawn and join forces with Jim and the Vampire Queen to fight the Modron army. They defeat the army but are summoned to the Plane of Infinite Chaos for a court hearing. They are absolved of their crimes but must visit the useless Oracle. They return to the Dwarven City and gather resources.

Caravan to Morath Dor

The players receive a reward from the Dwarfkin and create a caravan to travel across the Grand Desert to Morath Dor. Along the way, they encounter a mercenary encampment and one of the players is cursed. They venture into the desert to find a cure, discovering the Feast of Dust and the Jackal King. They free the Jackal King and stop the Feast of Dust. They continue their journey and meet with the Trade Prince in Morath Dor, who informs them of the final artifact's location on a deserted island.

Island Adventure and Aslanti City

The players arrive on the island and discover that half of a village has been kidnapped by cultists. They follow the prophecies to earn the trust of a tribe of Scythian monkeys. They visit an archaeological dig and find a cave painting referencing elder winged gods. They follow a path up a mountain and find an ancient Aslanti temple destroyed by a meteor impact. They descend into the Aslanti city and discover the power stones they obtained are related to Aslanti technology.

Departure from Azlanti Ruins

The players leave the island of Azlanti Ruins and venture north to the Mage's Guild.

Arrival at the High Elven City

After a long airship voyage, they arrive at the High Elven City.

Traveling via Giant Trebuchet

They arrive at the Goblin Stronghold and are convinced to travel via Giant Trebuchet to reach the Northlands more quickly.

Meeting the Goblins

Upon arriving in the Northlands, they take a mission with Villalobros and go to the forest in the north where they end up meeting a group of goblins.

Recovering the Goblin Chieftain's Explosives

The next morning, they go to recover the goblin chieftain's missing explosives, which they find on the wreck of a ship to the north.

Encounter with a Cannibal Goblin

Instead of finding a rival goblin clan, they find a single cannibal goblin who has killed all of them because they shot her dog. They leave her in peace.

Meeting Villalobros and the Journey to the High Elven Capital

Villalobros arrives and takes the package, wishing them a good day. The party then goes off to the High Elven City.

Arrival at the High Elven Capital

Upon arriving at the High Elven Capital, they board a boat to the Mage's Guild. The voyage is uneventful and they arrive at the Guild.

Questioning at the Mage's Guild

When they arrive at the Guild, the mages notice that they have Haster's Yellow King playbook, which they question the players thoroughly on and then confiscate the book. However, they tell them that they have someone for them to meet.

Journey to the Underwater City of Rylath

They are placed on a submarine and sent far into the depths of the ocean beneath the Mage's Guild. They then enter the hidden underwater city of Rylath.

Meeting Cthulhu and the Mission

In Rylath, they meet the elder being Cthulhu, who informs them that its brother Haster has woken him up from his slumber far too many times and must be stopped. Cthulhu then sends the players to the city of Karkoza, Haster's realm.

Arrival in the Desert and Encounter with Giants

The players arrive in the desert and almost immediately get into a fight with two giants. They kill one and the other gives up without a fight afterwards.

Meeting the Other Team and Splitting Up

They are taken to a bar where they meet the other team that has been sent by Jem the Necromancer to also stop Haster. They split up in search of three obelisks.

Reaching the First Obelisk

Upon reaching the first obelisk, the party's paladin believes they must already be at the city of Karkoza and due to the magical nature of the city, knowing its location, and genuinely believing themselves to be there, they arrive at Carcosa. After arriving at Carcosa, the players are attacked by a sentient mist and one of them is briefly caught in a time loop, but the players manage to escape. Splitting up to search for three obelisks as directed by the Clan Wise Woman, the party finds themselves in the city of Carcosa due to their paladin's belief. They encounter a sentient mist and a temporary time loop, but manage to escape unscathed. The PCs arrive in the alien city of Carcosa and meet Queen Cassilda, who senses their allegiances and offers her assistance. She informs them of the threat of Hastur's ascension through the Star Stelae and the urgent need to disrupt it. The PCs then face the Pallid Mask, who offers them fealty to Hastur. They refuse, and after a fight, Cassilda reappears with the precise locations of the Star Stelae in Aevan-Vhor, Bohlvarai, and Paris.

Aeven Vor

On arriving in Aevan-Vhor, they encounter a city with a strange reality where cursed undead live in obliviousness of their condition, and the living are in constant fear. At Mayor Eldarius's ruined estate, they meet the ghostly mayor, aware of his undead status. He pleads with the PCs to retrieve his daughter, Delmaria, transformed into a vampire, and the bard Erich Zann from another noble's estate. He promises to direct them to the Star Stela upon their return. The PCs visit the Azlanti museum, learning about the history of the Azlanti people and their deep-rooted connection with the Elder Being, Cthulhu. The unraveling mysteries add layers to their quest in the alien city.

The Dragon and The Demon

The players encounter a Dragon, and are horribly defeated, with the Paladin dying and being trapped by Sori in a Soul gem. They manage to escape via a random dimension jump, and end up in Hell.

The players strike a deal with a Demon Prince named YrkYrkHrk, who promises to resurrect their fallen comrade Turkus in exchange for helping him retrieve the Anal Beads of Angor, which were lost during a fierce battle against a dragon three years prior. The Demon Prince reveals that a monk, who was tasked with finding the beads, has not fulfilled his end of the bargain. Now, the players must track down the missing monk and uncover the location of the lost beads.

The Barrow

The players fly via airship from the city of Ceepu Lich, and meet the Tea family of Goatherders along the way. The go to the Secret Barrow of Souls, in the ruins of Faconis. They encounter the mist of Falconis, and decend into the barrow. There they pass through the 10 Puzzle Doors, and meet the Monk, who has been trapped there by the Puzzle Gates. They free him, after using the Bowl of Jin Da to locate the Beads of Angor somewhere in the vicinity of the mountain peak of Fizbans Folly.